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Arrive, live and work in the heart of Switzerland

Cham, Hünenberg and Risch are few of the most attractive boroughs in Switzerland, combined known as the booming economic region ZUGWEST. In combination with the inherit natural beauty of lakes, rivers, grassland, parks and scenic alps, this area uniquely fuses the two aspects of life, making it one –of- a- kind.


Attractive place for KMU and international companies

The economic region ZUGWEST provides one quarter of all workplaces in the canton Zug, allowing it to have a uniquely leading position in the economy of central Switzerland. The considerable growth and brisk construction activity is an indicator of the advancing and constantly rising economic region ZUGWEST. More than 2900 corporations ranging from service, trading, research, finance to production, providing the 20’000 employees with the best opportunities.


Rapidly growing network platform

The association economic region ZUGWEST combines the three boroughs Cham, Hünenberg and Risch with a wide variety of economic exponents, such as local tradesmen and top managers of international corporations, making it the most important regional business platform.


You are sincerely welcome to take advantage of this network by comparing notes with politicians, entrepreneurs and managers, allowing you to easily and comfortably gain ground in this region. Many of your members speak English and are more than happy to meet you at one of the numerous economic events. The official language is German and therefore an ideal opportunity to deepen and acquire further language skills by pleasantly communicating with other members.


The online portal of the economic region ZUGWEST

The online portal is set up in German. The following pages (in German) will inform you about the region, the great framework of the economy, the association and its activities as well as their numerous projects. The ZUGWEST corporations’ database will give you a broad overview about all the companies present.

Additionally, you will find information concerning job vacancies, regional real estate and hints to various tasty and attractive gastronomies: Gastrotipps.


Place to go for answers about the regional economy

Do you have unanswered questions? Would you like to know more about the region and the association economic region ZUGWEST? Would you enjoy being a member?


We are here to help. Send us an email, contact us directly via telephone or simply drop by personally. Our German, English and French skills will enable us to support you in the best possible way.


Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaftsregion ZUGWEST

Luzernerstrasse 26

6330 Cham

Telefon 041 780 14 14


English information about the economy and the advantages of different locations in the canton Zug can be found under Economic Promotion on the official website of the canton Zug.

In addition, here are further useful links in English for you:


Geschäftsstelle Wirtschaftregion ZUGWEST

Luzernerstrasse 26

6330 Cham

Telefon 041 780 14 14 

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